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Make up and looking good is a part of the fashion for women. As we all know that eyes do the talking so it is very important to make your eyes look beautiful as it can do wonders. Eyes are simply the most attractive part of your face and if it is dull then you will not look good. To look good you need to beautify your eyes and make it prominent with different eyeliner styles. It will make your make up more gorgeous and enhance your look.

Experimenting with different looks is something that all women love to do. Whatever is coming in fashion or whatever attracts them, they like to experiment that look on themselves. This is good and so you need to know many things about eyeliners and the styles if you are a beginner.



Different styles

There are many types of styles that you can experiment with your eyeliner. These are –

1.    Wings eyeliner – This is one of the latest Eyeliner Styles that you can try. It looks gorgeous on the upper eyelid and also makes the eyes look bigger and brighter.

2.    Eyeliner in lower lid – This is something one expert can do with perfection. You need to be very much conscious while drawing a dark line in your lower lid.

3.    Straight lines – You can also draw your eyes as straight. In this case you need to draw a line straight along with the eyes like an arrow. You may draw a line in the lower eyelid as well

4.    Cat eyeliner – It is also very much in fashion these days and many professionals and girls are trying to enhance their eyes with the superb style.

There are many more eyeliner styles that you can try on yourself depending on the shape and sizes of the eyes.

How to apply

Applying eyeliner is an art and you have to be skilled in this kind of art. You have to draw the line very consciously as with a slight mistake it can get all wrong. So, first applying the eyeliner for the 1st time before going to a party, try it at home. Practice can make you perfect and so you need to try again and again.

See the pattern and the eyeliner styles which are suiting you and with the dress. You should not follow a fashion blindly. You may not look that good or it may not suit what is in fashion right now. So, always go by the look which you can carry well.

While dressing up for a party or even just for casual outing, you can use eyeliners. This will make your eyes look fresh and bright. You may not look fresh all the time and the eyes are the most important part which tells the people about it. You may be sleepy or tired but just a touch of eyeliner and different in a right way can make your eyes look fabulous.

Read more about eyeliner & eye makeup here.

Eyeliner is a basic necessity for any woman, who wants to make her eyes appear bolder, dramatic and bigger or simply wants to make her eyes stand out among others. To get the desired result from using an eyeliner, you need to choose the best eyeliner for waterline. It is applied on the top of the eyelids along with the waterline.


The best eyeliner for waterline comes in various forms.

•    Eyeliner pencil
•    Luxury liquid liner
•    Gel liner

Eyeliner pencils – Eyeliner pencils are the best options to create a soft look having much potential to produce a perfect edgy look. Pencils are the best used for the waterline and the lower lashes. The eyeliner pencils are creamy in nature and they glide easily and do not budge until you are ready to remove it. This type of cosmetic product is suitable for humid and hot climates.

Liquid eyeliners – Liquid eyeliners are used to create a classy and dramatic look, which many women want to achieve. The liquid eyeliner comes in bottle form along with brush applicator, which is used to fill the tiny spaces between your lashes and it is smooth enough to create added layers of the black liquid to achieve a flawless application.

Gel liners – Gel liners are the alternative sources to the traditional powder liners. They glide smoothly and stay put until you decide to remove them. These types of eyeliners are applied with a brush to draw the lines at the waterline. It is also used to create smoky look.

How to use the best eyeliner for waterline?

Before you apply the Best Eyeliner For Waterline, ensure that the eyeliner you are using is sharp. Do not make it too much sharp. Otherwise, it will hurt your eye. Put the end of the eyeliner pencil on your waterline with gentle care. Then by using soft strokes, you have to gently sweep the side of the tip of the pencil from the middle of your eye to the outer corner. Then you have to line the watery, pink part of your lower eyelash line to create a beautiful appeal.

After you have lined the pink, watery of your lower eyelash line, then you have to take your pencil and put it gently in the inner corner of your eye. After that, sweep the eyeliner in small strokes from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your eye. After applying small strokes from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your eye, now wipe the eyeliner fall outs by using your ring finger or if you face difficulty in using your ring finger, you can wipe the fall outs by using a fan brush.

Repeat the steps for your other eye. Now, the process is complete and your eyes look bolder and dramatic.

You have seen that how the best eyeliner for waterline enhances your beauty, when you use it to attend a party. It makes your eyes looking bolder and dramatic.

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